Encore Presentation of Radio Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing Coming This July

If you missed my ShmooCon presentation "Radio Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing: All Your RF Are Belong to Us" here is your chance to see it again!  At the July 9th meeting of the Ohio Information Security Forum I will be doing an encore presentation of this popular talk.  The Ohio Information Security Forum meetings are held in Dayton Ohio and are free and open to the public.  For more information visit the Ohio Information Security Forum website.


Client-Side Wireless Attacks and Defenses Presentation Slides

Last Thursday at the Ohio Information Security Conference I gave a presentation on attacking and defending wireless clients. The first half of this presentation focused on the various attacks that can be launched against wireless clients.  During this section I cover basic attacks such as sniffing unencrypted traffic and moved up to more advanced attacks using tools such as Jasager and Karmetasploit.  The second part of the talk covered how to protect wireless clients from these attacks.  The slides from the presentation can be found here.


Radio Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing Presentation Slides

Here are the slides from my "Radio Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing: All Your RF Are Belong to Us" presentation that I gave at ShmooCon last weekend.  Sadly the video appears to of been lost.  If the video turns up I will post it.

Remember to watch this blog for a series of blog posts on this topic!


Upcoming Presentations

My speaking schedule has taken off this year.  Right now I have six talks schedule for the first half of 2009, three of them this Wednesday! Plus I have a couple of CFPs which I am waiting to hear back on.  To make it easier for folks to track my speaking schedule I added an Upcoming Presentations section on the Presentations Page.  Here is my scheduled for the next few months:

If you are at any of these events please come up and to say "hi".  I always love to meet my readers in person!


Who Was That Kilted Man?

If you were at ShmooCon and saw someone running around in a black kilt that was probably yours truly. For those that asked the kilt I was wearing is the Original by Utilikilt.  If you want to experience a new level of freedom be sure to stop by the Utilikilt store next time you are in Seattle. You will not be disappointed.

As always ShmooCon was a blast.  It was wonderful to meet everyone!  The podcaster meetup was a lot of fun.  Before the meetup Dave and I had a chance to make some Security Bats of Justice (TM) and try them out in a duel!  If you are wondering Dave solidly that match.  That man is dangerous with inflatable toys!

Of course there were also some great talks at this years ShmooCon.  If you are in the Cleveland area and would like to hear a first hand review them stop by next week's NEO InfoSec Forum meeting.  At next week's meeting I'll actually be doing two presentations.  One will be an overview of ShmooCon and the other will cover the Pass-the-Hash Toolkit.  Of course after the NEO InfoSec Forum meeting we're going to head over to Mavis Winkle's Irish Pub to record the Security Justice Podcast.

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